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Oriental Props Hire (Unices Ltd) .... Chinese Drapes Hire

Chinese and Oriental Drapes / Banners

Free Standing Appliqued Drapes
(can also be supplied without stands for hanging)

2 off free standing red 'silk' drapes 8ft+ high x 44 " wide with 'appliqued
message in Gold
Footprint 44" " x 12" ..

... ITEM: 1420

2 off free standing red 'silk' drapes 8ft+ high x 44 " wide with 'appliqued
message in Black

Footprint 44" " x 12" ..
... ITEM: 1421

1 off free standing red 'silk' drape 8ft - 14ft (unrolls) high x 60 " wide with 'appliqued message in Black
Footprint 60 " x 12" ..
... ITEM: 1422

Chinese Drapes in UK Chinese Drapes in UK

Chinese Event theme decoration backdrop

2 off free standing red 'silk' drapes 7ft high x 30" wide with
'appliqued message in silver.
Footprint 30" x 12" .
... ITEM: 1423

Chinese Drapes in UK Chinese Drapes in UK

Hanging Drape/Painting
Fantastic 12ft long by 3ft wide hand painted ..ideal for hanging and terrific
when lit
... ITEM: 1424

Chinese Blossom hanging in UK

Hanging Banner

A sumptuous 6ft 6" x 3ft banner, heavy velvet and silk embroidery/applique ,reflective threads and sequines. Mounted on a thick bamboo pole (9ft) for hanging
Made by hand in the far east

... ITEM: 1425
Dragon Hanging for events

Giant Dragon and Lion Dance Flags (Drapes) on Poles

72" traditional ornate embroidered flags on poles (20 feet) ... on a free standing supporting stand .. or loose. For thousands of years, flags and banners were used to signal troops and to announce the presence of generals. Flags add the color, pomp and circumstance important occasions warrant
Also available without poles to use as drapes.
2 Flags in different colourways ... more available

.... ITEM: 1310

Chinese Parade Flags Chinese Parade Flags

Chinese Parade Flags

Oriental .. Chinese, Japanese Props Hire, Themed Parties and Events Dressing, TV, Film, Theatre, Advertising and Photo Shoot. Mostly craftsman made items from china plus many original and unique Antiques as well as items specifically manufactured by ourselves. Probably largest selection available in the UK. Specials can be acquired or made to order .. Dry Hire , or with delivery and collection direct to your venue
.... e mail us for a full price list specific to your event

Dont just hire the props ! ...We can help you with all practical aspects of design and event production to create the perfect occasion. We can organise bespoke sets, lighting, stages, dressing and theming. Let us make it a reality for you
From smaller private events to large conferences, from product launches to marketing campaigns we provide what you want on time at the right price. We love what we do and know you will also. Tell us about your event, your expectations as well as location and practical details and we will be delighted to propose a package to meet your budget ... or simply hire individual props from our list