ENORMOUS Oriental Drum
(Thunder Drum)
THIS ITEM IS NOW FOR SALE ... please contact us for details

This original item is shown next to the caravan to give you some idea
of its size. the Drum itself is 2.2M diameter x 2.4M long with a 2M skin
on both ends. Painted overall with a gold dragon design
Its called a Thunder drum for the room shaking deep sound that it
makes. We belive the natural skins to be 'elephant'

Is a special and spectacular musical instrument .. or an amazing
prop and room dressing

The Drum is delivered on a seperate trailer to allow positioning on its
cradle in-situ. Please be aware that although the drum is not that heavy,
it is akward and you will need at least 4 strong crew to take the drum
from its transport trailer and lift onto the cradle. The cradle is on large
casters so can be pushed around the venue / on-off stage as required
by a single person.
Also you need to check that there is suitable access into your venue!
Supplied with 2 large beaters

This is a significant item to move around .. please check directly with
us for the price for your location/duration
ITEM: 1159

Thunder Drum for Sale

Thunder Drum for Sale Thunder Drum for Sale

Chinese Oriental Gongs for Hire. Huge Range of Props for Dressed and Theme Events, TV, Film, Parties, promotions, Celebrations and Occasions

Oriental Props Hire
(Unices Ltd)
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Oriental Props Hire (Unices Ltd) .... Gong Hire

Giant Sized Gong
Call them to Dinner or get their attention with this 5ft high Gong.
Beautifully decorated and with an orchestral quality 26" Tam Tam Gong
and beater. Its real, its Loud !
ITEM: 1150

Chinese Gong Hire UK

Table or Smaller Floor Gong
34" high x 34" wide with Dragon detailing, looks great and works really
well. Not as loud as the gongs above or below
ITEM: 1151

Hand Held Gong (3 variations available)
Call them to Dinner or get their attention with this 14" Dia Gong. Solid Bronze, thick and heavy it has a sound out of all proportion to its size. Often used to accompany the Lion or Dragon dance
Gong and beater. ITEM: 1152

Chinese Gong Hire UK

Small Table Top Gong
10" x 10" x 4" only.. ideal for the top table as a decrative item.
Works and has its own paded hammer, but of course not very loud !
ITEM: 1153

Chinese Gong Hire UK

Asian Style Dragon Gong
5ft x 2ft 6" on a contemporary frame with a carved Dragon
ITEM: 1154

Asian Gong Hire for event decoration

Rhythmn Cymbals
12" diameter cymbals in pairs used to accompany Lion, dragon and other performers
ITEM: 1155

Drum Large .. Traditional Chinese Drum
Substantial original item 1.1m x .8m skin diameter. On solid stand and
with professional beater for use
ITEM: 1156

Traditional Chinese Drum Rent in UK

Large Pair of Chinese Drums on stands.

Fantastic looking pair of Dragon Dance drums 1m high, 88cm
Circumference, Complete with 'Beaters' These drums are real and
can be played

ITEM: 1157

Chinese Event Decoration Drums on Stands

Chinese Antique Temple Drum on Ornate Stand

An original antique painted chinese temple drum on a Dragon carved
stand in traditional colours. Terrific detail and decoration and in excellent condition. Stands approx 5ft high (1.70m) x 4ft wide by 2ft deep

ITEM: 1158

Chinese Antique Temple Drum on Ornate Stand

Oriental .. Chinese, Japanese Props Hire, Themed Parties and Events Dressing, TV, Film, Theatre, Advertising and Photo Shoot. Mostly craftsman made items from china plus many original and unique Antiques as well as items specifically manufactured by ourselves. Probably largest selection available in the UK. Specials can be acquired or made to order .. Dry Hire , or with delivery and collection direct to your venue
.... e mail us for a full price list specific to your event

Dont just hire the props ! ...We can help you with all practical aspects of design and event production to create the perfect occasion. We can organise bespoke sets, lighting, stages, dressing and theming. Let us make it a reality for you
From smaller private events to large conferences, from product launches to marketing campaigns we provide what you want on time at the right price. We love what we do and know you will also. Tell us about your event, your expectations as well as location and practical details and we will be delighted to propose a package to meet your budget ... or simply hire individual props from our list