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This page has a 'curated selection' of props (from our main site) that we consider can be utilised for a Japanese Themed Event. Be it it a party, TV, Film, photo shoot or Tokyo Olympics celebration event. Japanese themeing is going to be harder than Chinese as the main characteristics of a Japanese Theme are 'Architectural and Interior Design' plus Garden/Outdoor space Design as opposed to more straightforward identifiable objects. A simple guide is to try and work around Black, White and Green as principle colours. Natual bamboo, both stems and foliage work sympathetically.
If you do not see here what you are looking for, please contact us, we have contacts to procur specific items or may be able to manufacture props and decoration specifically for your occasion.

Hand pulled AsianJapanese antique Rickshaw (full size) for hire, prop for outside (or sometimes inside) your event. Approx 4ft width x 10ft length x 8ft height. In working order but not recommended for transporting guests. Makes a great background item and photo backdrop
ITEM: 1002

Japanese Props Hire Rickshaw Japanese Props Hire Rickshaw

Rickshaw .. Large Japanese Styled (?)
Reproduction. Chinese/Japanese styled hand pulled antique Rickshaw for hire, prop for outside or inside your event. In working order and suitable for limited distance transportation of a person(s). This is a good solid item and would be ideal for photo opprtunites, short distance wedding transport for a bride, TV and Film.
... ITEM: 1003

Japanese Props Hire Rickshaw

Japanese Props Hire Rickshaw
Outside ShangiLa Hotel ..Photo, Rat and flowers by McQueens Flowers


Asian Style Dragon Gong
5ft x 2ft 6" on a contemporary frame with a carved Dragon
ITEM: 1154

Many more Gongs on our Main Site

Bamboo Entrance Feature / Colums
These are 8ft high (to fit any room height) and 20" x 20" cross section .
Can be used with or without the 12ft long jointing section to create an arch. Shown here with small hanging lanterns and bamboo plant within each. Easily adaptable for fixing, hanging or using with a wide variety of our other props for maximum effect (Foo Dogs, Hanging message scrolls etc)
Useful at an entrance or as a feature in locations like stage, food service area etc. 2 colums 1 centre piece (as required)
... ITEM: 1393

Japanese Theme Prop Hire

Large Pair of Drums on stands.
Fantastic looking pair of Dragon Dance drums 1m high, 88cm
Circumference, Complete with 'Beaters' These drums are real and
can be played
ITEM: 1157

Japanese Theme Prop Hire

Enormous Pair of 12ft (3.9M) long wooden chopsticks
... Significant decoration piece, beautifully crafted in solid wood and beautifully decorated. 100mm square at base, 50mm diameter at point. Can be used 'crossed' as an entrance feature, simply leaned against a wall, laying on floor resting on bamboo chopstick rest. certainly has a wow factor. The decoration on the handle end is a proverb from Confuscious 'Everyone Eats and Drinks: Yet only Few appreciate the taste of Food'
ITEM: 1265

Japanese Theme Prop Hire

Blossom Trees

9ft High multi branch blossom trees with 600 LED blossoms on each tree. Hung with 15 miniature Lanterns
2 off available

Ethnic Baskets Carriers (Rice and Fruit)
Various stles, shapes and sizes in attractive style. 0.6M diameter and smaller.
supplied 'empty' or filled with vegetables/fruit or Rice (2 shown here with Rice, 1 with Lentils)

... ITEM: 1502

Street Vendor Dumpling/Noodle Cart.
Mid century, used by street vendors to heat and sell Noodles and Dumplings across Asia. Lower section contains charcoal for heating, centre section keeps food and bowls warm, top section for serving and condiments. This unit is complete with all its accessories and contains also the ty[pical items when in use for authenticity. Height approx 1.6M x 40cm x 50cm. Weight approx 15kg

... ITEM: 1490

Vintage Wok Set ... Complete set with stand and all tools, in steel and traditional materials. Use as a prop, not for cooking
... ITEM: 1491

Huge Bamboo Steamer
large bamboo steamer in 4 sections for decoration/display or as serving ite. excellent clean condition, never used for cooking. Tennis Ball for scale
(we have lots of other steamers in all sizes for decorative purposes)
... ITEM: 1492

Water Carriers Chinese/Japanese
Traditional hand made 'coopered' style buckets with iron fittings and symbols down the sides. Ideal as decoration or perfect as Ice/drinks buckets as part of your food presentation

... ITEM: 1493

KOI Kite .. for hanging ENORMOUS !!

this traditionally made and brightly painted kite from a named artist in China in the form of a Koi Carp is a huge 2M long with a 2M 'finspan' and makes a dramatic piece for hanging. Designed to fly and therefore very light it is easy to rig Just the 1 off in stock

... ITEM: 1570

Alter Style Console Table
Red lacquered Alter Table, original vintage item. Very decorative and
dramatic .. natural aged look and not too heavy
140cm x 92cm x 40cm

.... ITEM: 1290

Black Console/Alter Table
Black Alter Table, unique item. Very decorative and dramatic .. good look
and not too heavy. Ideal as display/counter table (other side has a draw)
140cm x 92cm x 40cm .... ITEM: 1291

Oriental Side Table / Stool
8 pcs
30cms square x 43cms high
.... ITEM: 1292


LARGE Stone (Effect) Lion Dog (Shishi / Komainu)
4ft x 3ft x 2ft Temple Dog. Very realistic (real stone) weathered limestone finish, but actually fibreglass/resin replica moulded in Asia and imported to UK. Sits on a large plinth
ITEM: 1104

1 off available

Wooden Carved 'scary/garish' Lions
Pair (slightly different pose) of Hand carved and painted wooden Lions/Guardians. These Large feature piecesare now on 1.2M x 0.6M x 0.2M black plinths. These look great when lit and there unconventional styling will suit some situations perfectly
ITEM: 1105

SEE OUR LARGE 'GOLD' Lion Dogs at our main site as these are also appropriate

Bamboo Plants (Artificial)
6ft high, quality artificial bamboo (Japanese style) plants in Black pots
16 off available
... ITEM: 1470

Japanese Event Decoration

Fretwork Panels (Asian / Japanese style)

A pair of freestanding traditional fretwork panels. 2.1M height by 0.33M width. Topped with red feature to give japanese 'tori gate' style/effect Very useful in many locations such as door/entrance or stage framing
... ITEM: 1394

Hanging Drape/Painting
Fantastic 12ft long by 3ft wide hand painted ..ideal for hanging and terrific
when lit
... ITEM: 1424

Hand Painted Hangings
15" x 48" 2 off in stock (more available)
... ITEM: 1428

Catering / Gifts / Sideshow Cart / Barrow

1 off as shown
Approx 8ft x 4ft. ideal for all sorts of uses at your event. From Catering to sideshow stall. Shown here dressed with 2 6ft artificial bamboo in pots
... ITEM: 1552

A narrower/smaller (wheel) barrow that will fit thro most single doors into most locations. 7 compartments on raked top Can be used as market stall, food station or more. Shown here with various dressings for effect. Supplied dressed to your requirements or do your own thing.
190 x 100 x 96cm
1 off as shown

... ITEM: 1553

1 off as shown

Street Cycle

Traditional Japanese/Chinese street bicyle .. rideable (but not fully roadworthy)

ITEM: 1360

Japanese Theme Prop Hire

Japanese seated Buddah, Gold Seated
Approx 1m high gold Buddah ... perfect condition, medium weight,
metallic finish (NOT stone or Polystyrene).
Budda alone .... ITEM: 1323
1 off with plinth .... ITEM: 1324

Plinth is fully covered in fabric 18" x 30" x 40" high ... with optional red runner

Various Large Blue/White Vases
... ITEM: 1336 Pair of Blue Vases (tennis ball for scale)

Huge Vases Pair
Traditionall decorated with Dragons in both Blue and Red these extra large vases make an imposing statement. On these plints stand 7ft tall (half height plinths available).
... ITEM: 1339

Floating water Lillies / Candles Feature .. on stand
Large 36" dia brass chinese bowls on 3ft high wooden stand. Water filled bowl with 10off floating battery operated Water Lillies

.... ITEM: 1317


Bamboo Bird Cages

Bamboo Bird Cage with 2 Red and Pink Finches.
20" high by 14" x 14". Can be stood on a table or hung, Very effective, very traditional
Vintage (antique original) small Bird Cages .. with porcelain feeders and 1 or 2 birds in each .............. 6 Available
30cm x 20cm (approx varies)

3 specific bamboo bird cage stands .. 2 X 5ft High 1 x 4ft High
... ITEM: 1369
... ITEM: 1370

More Bird cages at our Main Site

Friday 23rd July - Sunday 8th August

Shoji Screens.

Traditional 'Oriental Screens' ideal for all sorts of purposes
6ft height by 3 panel Shoji Screens. Black framing and white opaque
'paper' insert
20 off currently in stock ... more available
... ITEM: 1380

Japanese Event Decoration

Japanese Theme Event Decoration

Blossom covered screens

4 off 6 panel screens with blossom branches and attached flowers.
Reversible plain on other side.
2 off 3 panel screens with Chinese symbols. Reversiplain on other side
all 2M high
... ITEM: 1381

Japanese Theme Event Decoration

... ITEM: 1382

Bamboo Plants (Real)
10ft-15ft high, bamboo plants in Black 12L pots
... ITEM: 1471

Individual Bamboo Stems
8ft tall individual black stems with arificial leaves (12 off) .. useful decorative item for settings or can be arranged in pots

... ITEM: 1472

Enormous (High) Artificial Bamboo

This realistic artificial Bamboo is 12ft Tall in sturdy 24" cube matt black base (bamboos come out for ease of transport/set up)
... ITEM: 1473

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles of varying lengths/colours (30cm up to 4 Metres) and 2cm- 15cm diameters for all kinds of decorative and practical uses.
... ITEM: 1474

... we can design/manufacture Bamboo decoration to order

Bamboo Decoration
Simple decorative features, freestanding 2 off 1.3M high (4ft) x 0.4M dia and Bundle for Bamboo 5x0.6M long poles approx 0.4M overall dia
5 pieces available
... ITEM: 1475

Bamboo Panels
For a variety of uses. Simply joined with bungees/ cable ties or our authentic Japanese twine to make a screen or fence. Mix and match with open panels below
Each panel 1.8M (6ft) x 1.2M (4ft)
4 currently available
... ITEM: 1476


Bamboo panels Ideal for hanging lanterns(fairly light) or as grids for hanging parasols or lanterns from overhead. Join together with cable ties or Black twine for other structures/barriers
Each panel 1.8M (6ft) x 0.91M (3ft) 8 currently available
... ITEM: 1477

Bamboo Screens
6ft wide x 7ft high bamboo screens on metal frames on wheels, Ideal for screening those awkward corners. Each with graphic and a cone hat included . 2 off available
... ITEM: 1478

Japanese Sake Barrels
Red vintage 'coopered' two handled 'Sake' barrels, used mainly for ceremonial events. Each 12" dia by 24" height
... ITEM: 1341

Ethnic Warrior Decoration Panels (Samurai)

A pair of original asian made Bamboo Ladder structures 2.2M height and 0.5m width. Each with 3 'styalised' Warriors made of carved wood and metal decoration. Look great and very authentic, These original antiques can be hung (fitting on rear) or simply leant against a wall. Very decorative and dramatic these original pieces are very classy either side of a doorway/stage or internal feature
... ITEM: 1392

Stunning Display Costume ... Wedding Kimono Coat

Absolutely stunning display piece . Traditional Uchikake wedding coat ...
heavily embroidered/decorated in traditional style and with padded train
. Very heavy and displayed on a stand with special kimono hanger

... ITEM: 1510

Stage' Samuriai Sword

Authentic looking replica samuri sword, with wooden blade for stage,TV or Film use. Full Size
... ITEM: 1490

LED Uplighters
Modern ultrabright, lightweight and easy to use uplighters to highlight props or create colourwashes and mood lighting at your event. Lights can br programmed individually for any colour, rotating colour programmes or a sound to light effect. Mains powered, but with 'daisy chain' connectors so less wires and minimal sockets required.
Fully adjustable from vertical to horizontal , also can be mounted on stands for stage lighting. Position yourselves or we will assist and advise
... ITEM: 1554

Vinyl Japanese Sushi Lanterns
Elongated hanging Lanterns .. all in White/Decorated as per the pictures.
Available in 1 sizes . Adds variety to any room decoration, you will see
that these Lanterns form exceptionally well into long strings for
hanging Hook onto each other for strings
All Lanterns 25cm Diameter x 50cm drop (excluding hanging handle)
75 in stock

Japanese Lantern Hire event Decoration Lanterns for Japanese Theme Event

Pair of 3M (10ft) high Illuminated Columns

Stunning pair of 3metre (10ft high) Black 'chunky' columns in an Asian/Japanese style. With (as shown) 5 elongated Black and White Sushi Lanterns. Illuminated either with powerul 12 LED battery lights in each (24 hour life) , or with uplighters. Freestanding in most locations but with extra bar at base for addition of 'stage weights' for additional stability and security... ... ITEM: 1610

Japanese Event Decoration Japanese Sushi Lanterns

NOTE: these Columns can also be hung with our similar style Lanterns in Red


ALL of our Lantern stands 'below' can be hung with the specifically Japanese style Lanterns, although Japanese also use Red Lanterns.. See on our MAIN ORIENTAL SITE

Street Lamps (for indoors or outside)
Very substantial 3.8M high Bamboo Chinese Street Lamp... 2 crossbars.
On very heavy duty and stable bases these are suitable for locations
Indoors or outside. Come with 16" Dia Silky Lanterns as standard,
including powerful 12LED battery powered (24hour) light inside.
Can alternatively be dressed with other of our single or multiple
Lantern options and other decorative hanging items on the cross bars.
These very impressive lighting elements can also be very effictively
linked by our 'festoon lighting strings'

There are 4 of these lights available .. ideal in many locations
Better pictures including night illuminated shots coming shortly

ITEM: 1226

Lanterns on Bamboo Poles (very popular item)

Freestanding 7ft high bamboo pole frames with ILLUMINATED Lanterns.
For OUTSIDE as well as INDOOR use. Can be fitted with a range of our
lanterns for different effects.Each Lantern has a 12LED powerful lamp
inside for safe outdoor use
ALL of our Lantern stands 'below' can be hung with the specifically Japanese style Lanterns, although Japanese also use Red Lanterns

8 Off Single Lanterns available (more available) .... ITEM: 1230
2 Off Double Lanterns available .... ITEM: 1231

Wall of Lanterns
ALL of our Lantern stands 'below' can be hung with the specifically Japanese style Lanterns, although Japanese also use Red Lanterns

Heavy Duty steel plate bases support a 3M high by 4M wide wall of 40
Lanterns. A great feature when possibly hanging lanterns is impossible.
This configuration is infinatly variable, with gaps in Lanterns for props or
other features. Can be angled from 1.2M at one end to 3M at other.
2M wide wall (3M high) can make ideal 'door surrounds/entrance' feature
.. lant erns to floor each side of door and single row above.
ITEM: 1232

Bamboo Tripods supporting Lantern wall with Bamboo Plants. Another
attractive variation 2.9M high x 4.5M width. 30 Lanterns
ITEM: 1233

Japanese Event Decoration

Japanese Event Prop Hire

We can manufacture variations to suit your circumstances... from our
large stock of poles

We also have some stocks of suitable 'round and plain' Lanterns

Japanese Theme

Oriental Bridge
Very sturdy wooden construction, designed and built to be used, can be used to bridge a gap of approx 1.6m
Overall size Width (span) 1.83m Depth 0.84m Height 1m

Japanese Theme ecoration

ITEM: 1140 Bridge only
ITEM: 1141 Bridge with Trellis wings and plants


Beautiful hand decrated Bamboo and Paper parasols in a variety of colour ways. 1M diameter for floor decoration or light enough to hang
Dozens Available

Pastel coloured parasols 0.8M diam for floor, table or light enough to hang decoration. Big selection of pastel shades
Dozens available

Parasols Hire UK

Parasols Hire UK Parasols Hire UK

Parasols Hire UK Parasols Hire UK

Over 130 Parasols in Stock .. more available

Giant Parasol

These monster traditional paper parasols are over 6ft6" Diameter (2M). Ideal for floor standing or possibly to be hung. Light it from in front, behind or below with our uplighters !

Giant Parasols Hire Giant Parasols Hire

Parasols can be hung from the ceiling to great effect

Sedan Chair

Original Chinese Sedan Chair. This recently acquired exquisite original example is over 130 years old and the patina from the very old paint is utterly amazing. 4m long x 1m wide and 1.7m high. Made of wood with a woven rattan roof, there are original glass panels in the sides and back, the front door opens for entry for the sitter. The black bamboo carry poles are replacements.
This is an antique original and as such is sized for Chinese at the time so not going to be suitale for carrying anybody over 5ft tall and 7stone !
Makes a fantastic prop for TV, Film and events .. as a valuable antque cannot be used outdoors ITEM: 1006

as always more details/pictures available on request

Fantastic centrepiece, stage item, for marriages or parties. This pagoda is 13ft x 13ft x 13ft high. Substantial and sturdy structure freestanding, with large upright columns. But designed to be assembled by 1 person in approx 30mins(once in final location) Comes in 10 pieces .. plus decoration. Shown here in standard supply with large palace lantern in the roof (powerful LED light inside) and 4 mini LED lanterns at the corners. Will look fantastic when lit and with additional decoration
.... ITEM: 1320

Giant Parasol

These monster traditional paper parasols are over 6ft6" Diameter (2M). Ideal for floor standing or possibly to be hung. Light it from in front, behind or below with our uplighters !

Over 140 other Parasols in stock .. check our main Site