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HANGING and Mounted Chinese Oriental Lanterns Hire.

Extra Large Silky Lanterns
we can now offer extra large lanterns at a massive 54" diameter
(170" Circumferance) and 40" diameter (125" Circumferance). As these
are substantially plain they are generally suitable for lights to be
included. These units are not suitable to be sent by courier, so
delivery by ourselves only. The larger Lanterns weight is about 2kg.
If for use outdoors then not available for hire, sale only
Please note that the assembly system on this means a total drop height
of Approx 80" The 42" has a different mechanism and can be hung tight
against the ceiling or fixing point

Chinese Lantern Hire UK Chinese Lantern Hire UK
52" diameter and 42" Diameter

Assorted Silky 52" - 16"

Round Lanterns.(below) .. very light, clothes hanger type hook on top for
easy hanging. Available plain or decorated. In traditional Red / Gold
Chinese Lantern Hire UK

Round 'reinforced paper type) Lanterns
Approx 150 off 10/12" Diameter in stock .... ITEM: 1201
Approx 6 off 24 " Diameter in stock ... ITEM: 1202
Approx 12 off 16 " Diameter in stock .... ITEM: 1203
Approx 16 off 6 " Diameter in stock .... ITEM: 1204
Plus several other assorted for making mixed bunches

Silky Lanterns ..
Lightweight, .Decorated and plain in traditional Red/Gold .. varying hanging and 'inflation' mechanisms. Some can be hung tight to the fixing point, others have a metal extension as part of the mechanism.

Chinese Lantern Hire UK

Silky Style Lanterns
Approx 8 off 52 " Diameter in stock .... ITEM: 1208
Approx 24 off 40 " Diameter in stock .... ITEM: 1209
Approx 36 off 24 " Diameter in stock .... ITEM: 1210
Approx 46 off 16 " Diameter in stock .... ITEM: 1211
Approx 36 off 10 " Diameter in stock ... ITEM: 1212
more and other sizes available .. subject to availability from China

Elongated hanging Lanterns .. all in Red/Decorated as per the pictures.
Available in 3 sizes . Adds variety to any room decoration, you will see
that these Lanterns form exceptionally well into long strings for hanging

Oval Lanterns..
Approx 24+ off 60 x 30cm (24" x 12") in stock ... ITEM: 1218
Approx 60+ off 55 x 25 cm in stock .... ITEM: 1219
Approx 50+ off 50 x 20cm in stock ... ITEM: 1220
Approx 30+ off 40 x 15cm in stock .... ITEM: 1221

Vinyl Japanese Sushi Lanterns
Elongated hanging Lanterns .. all in White/Decorated as per the pictures.
Available in 1 sizes . Adds variety to any room decoration, you will see
that these Lanterns form exceptionally well into long strings for
hanging Hook onto each other for strings
All Lanterns 25cm Diameter x 50cm drop (excluding hanging handle)

Approx 75+ off 50 x 25 cm in stock .... ITEM: 1225

Pair of 3M (10ft) high Illuminated Columns

Stunning pair of 3metre (10ft high) Black 'chunky' columns in an Asian/Japanese style. With (as shown) 5 elongated Black and White Sushi Lanterns. Illuminated either with powerul 12 LED battery lights in each (24 hour life) , or with uplighters. Freestanding in most locations but with extra bar at base for addition of 'stage weights' for additional stability and security... ... ITEM: 1610

Japanese Event Decoration Japanese Sushi Lanterns

NOTE: these Columns can also be hung with our similar style Lanterns in Red

STREET LAMPS (for indoors or outside)

Very substantial 3.8M high Bamboo Chinese Street Lamp... 2 crossbars.
On very heavy duty and stable bases these are suitable for locations
Indoors or outside. Come with 16" Dia Silky Lanterns as standard,
including powerful 12LED battery powered (24hour) light inside.
Can alternatively be dressed with other of our single or multiple
Lantern options and other decorative hanging items on the cross bars.
These very impressive lighting elements can also be very effictively
linked by our 'festoon lighting strings'

There are 4 of these lights available .. ideal in many locations
Better pictures including night illuminated shots coming shortly

ITEM: 1226

Chinese street lamp Hire Chinese street lamp Hire

Lamps can use many of our other Lanterns .. individually or in strings.
Palace Lanterns Indoors only !


Lanterns on Bamboo Poles (very popular item)
Freestanding 7ft high bamboo pole frames with ILLUMINATED Lanterns.
For OUTSIDE as well as INDOOR use. Can be fitted with a range of our
lanterns for different effects. Each Lantern has a 12LED powerful lamp (24hour use) inside for safe outdoor use

Chinese Lantern Decoration

Illuminated Chinese Lanterns UK

8 Off Single Lanterns available (more available) .... ITEM: 1230
2 Off Double Lanterns available .... ITEM: 1231

Wall of Lanterns
Heavy Duty steel plate bases support a 3M high by 4M wide wall of 40
Lanterns. A great feature when possibly hanging lanterns is impossible.
This configuration is infinatly variable, with gaps in Lanterns for props or
other features. Can be angled from 1.2M at one end to 3M at other.
2M wide wall (3M high) can make ideal 'door surrounds/entrance' feature
.. lanterns to floor each side of door and single row above.
ITEM: 1232

Chinese Event Decoration

Bamboo Tripods supporting Lantern wall with Bamboo Plants. Another
attractive variation 2.9M high x 4.5M width. 30 Lanterns
ITEM: 1233

Wall of Lanterns

Orientyal Party decoration ideas Chinese Theme Decoration

We can manufacture variations to suit your circumstances... from our
large stock of poles

Different Shape (Tulip) Traditional Lanterns
you will see from the picture that these 10" dia lanterns are of a different
design, with extra tassells around the body. They also come in a variety
of pastel colours, ideal for more subbtle settings like Wedding decoration.

Approx 120 off 60cm x 30cm in stock, mix of 5 colours ITEM: 1235

Oriental/Asian/Vietnamese Silk Lanterns
45cm diameter, Same colour Tassels All flame retardent treated.

approx 90 off
20+ off each of 4 colours, very beautiful .... ITEM: 1236

Festival Paper Lanterns
Disposable (sale) item ... ideal for hanging in trees and bushes outdoors.
Big mixture of styles, decoration and colours. ideal for Tea lights
ITEM: 1237

Palace Wooden Lanterns

Large Elegant 18 inch diameter x 24" height
hand-painted glass/wood palace lantern. (landscapes and flowers
design on glass). Simple hanging hook with powerful 12LED
battery powered low wattage internal illumination if required.

16 off currently in stock
.... ITEM: 1240
Palace Lanterns Hire UK
Palace Lanterns Hire UK

Mini Lanterns
40mm dia mini lanterns .. with and without mini LED light inside, lots of uses. 80 off currently in stock, more available
.... ITEM: 1241

Lantern Fixings
We can advise on suitable fixing/hanging methods in Marquees
For normal smooth ceilings we have shopfitting hangers.. self
adhesive hooks, with various lengths of adjustable hanging wires

ITEM: 1242

Festoon Lighting
48ft lengths of Commercial custom made Festton lighting, each with
24 dropped sockets and 15w bulbs. Fully waterproof for hanging
outdoors or Inside. For fixing from existing structures or our heavy
duty bases and 3M bamboo poles. Strings typically hung with
12 inch diameter Lanterns at 4ft Intervals (alternate lights).
Strings can be connected together easily with special connections

Items available:
48ft String with 24 bulbs and 12 Lanterns ... 2 off .... ITEM: 1243
50M extensions lead for remote locations ..
3M uprights and very heavy duty bases ... 6 off ..... ITEM: 1244
Replacement Bulbs
Additional Lanterns over bare bulbs
Hanging service poa subject to situation

Chinese Festoon Hire

Large Tulip Lanterns

15" dia x 24" depth in 2 colour choices. 8 available
ITEM: 1248

Strings of Lanterns
all lights run various on/off/flahing/chasing patterns as required

Lanterns with lights (2"dia) in 12ft string ... standard plug

20+ sets in stock, ... ITEM: 1250

Lanterns with lights (2"dia) in 12ft string ... standard plug
10+ sets in stock .... ITEM: 1251

Oversize Wall/Standard Lamps

Dramatic pair of lights available for wall mounting directly
as part of TV/Stage set or supplied with 2M high freestanding
'standard' type basis for free positioning. The Lamps are
mains powered and 24" height x 17" diameter. Painted
wood/metal and milky acrylic panels they are totally unique.
Come fitted with one green and 1 red standard bayonet
bulbs .. but fit your own easily to suit

2 in stock .. no more available .... ITEM: 1252

Table Lamps
Particuarly Large Wooden Table Lamp. 65cm high x 30cm x 30cm
mains lighting inside
.... ITEM: 1253

Oriental Table Lamp Hire
only 1 available

Pair of unusual design Table Lamps
...mains powered 600 mm high
.... ITEM: 1254

Just 1 pair available

Large Bamboo and Silk Lanterns
2 off large bamboo and silk dressed
lanterns. Approx 1.2M height b 1.3M diameter. Fitted with chains for
hanging and interor fittings for 2 x lights .... ITEM: 1255

Chinese Lighting Decoration
Just 1 pair available

Wire Lanterns .. Japanese or Chinese style

Black wire Lanterns, suitable for inside or outside use. Ideal for use at
an entrance, on steps, marking a path or hanging in trees. 36cm tall and
fitted with battery powered flickering candles .
8 of these currently in stock, more available
.... ITEM: 1256

Chinese wire Candle Lamps

Pairs of Lanterns on Stands

2 Pairs of large traditional wooden Palace lanterns on Candelabra type wrought iron stands. Stands are slightly different designs but Lanterns are at exactly same height and width and can easily be used as a pair
Total height approx 6ft, width 2ft 6" Can be
either mains powered lights or our powerful battery powered LED system
1 pair available
.... ITEM: 1257

Chinese Candelabra Hire UK

Chinese Themed Event Decorations


Oriental .. Chinese, Japanese Props Hire, Themed Parties and Events Dressing, TV, Film, Theatre, Advertising and Photo Shoot. Mostly craftsman made items from china plus many original and unique Antiques as well as items specifically manufactured by ourselves. Probably largest selection available in the UK. Specials can be acquired or made to order .. Dry Hire , or with delivery and collection direct to your venue
.... e mail us for a full price list specific to your event

Dont just hire the props ! ...We can help you with all practical aspects of design and event production to create the perfect occasion. We can organise bespoke sets, lighting, stages, dressing and theming. Let us make it a reality for you
From smaller private events to large conferences, from product launches to marketing campaigns we provide what you want on time at the right price. We love what we do and know you will also. Tell us about your event, your expectations as well as location and practical details and we will be delighted to propose a package to meet your budget ... or simply hire individual props from our list