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FOR SALE ... £50.00 Collection TN330JR

(needs minor repairs and repaint)

(Thunder Drum)

This original item is shown next to the caravan to give you some idea
of its size. the Drum itself is 2.2M diameter x 2.4M long with a 2M skin
on both ends. Painted overall with a gold dragon design
Its called a Thunder drum for the room shaking deep sound that it
makes. We belive the natural skins to be 'elephant'

This is probably the largest Drum in the UK. It Is a special and spectacular musical instrument .. or an amazing prop and room
dressing .. imported to the Uk about 15 years ago

The Drum comes on a galvanised trailor for transport and then to allow positioning on its cradle in-situ. Please be aware that although the drum is not that heavy it is akward and you will need at least 4 strong crew to take the drum from its transport trailer and lift onto the cradle. The cradle is on large casters so can be pushed around the venue / on-off stage as required by a single person.
The galvanised Trailor is included in the sale price, however a discount of £300.00 applies if you do not want to keep the trailor and are providing your own collection vehicle

We strongly suggest inpection prior to purchase

Sale Price £1300.00 ono (no VAT)

Thunder Drum for Sale
Thunder Drum for Sale Thunder Drum for Sale

Lanterns... FOR SALE

If you want or need to purchase Lanterns we can usually offer 'silk' type lanterns in a range of sizes. Subject to qty available to us from China or in our current stock
Common sizes ... prices subject to qty required.
52" dia
40" dia
24" dia
16" dia
12" dia

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